A Marketplace and beyond

A Marketplace and beyond

Everything Publishing House's Need From Production To Promotion And Ready Libraries of Audiobooks & Podcasts.

  • Production

    Assemble a team of specialists or we will help you to find for you to complete Audiobook and Podcast Projects.

  • Ready Libraries

    AUDIONXT Is networked with thousands of Authors & Podcasters who contionously produce with us. We can help you to add them up to your library.

  • Promotions

    You can leverage our powerful network of influencers, and digital & affiliate marketers built over years. We promise to deliver tangible and real results using industry and innovative marketing techniques.

We Are Here To Assit You At Every Stage Of Your Journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Do I Post A Job?

    Create a Profile and post a job by describing your book and the type of narrator best suited for it. You'll also attach a 1-2 page excerpt from your book to serve as the Audition Script for potential narrators. AUDIONXT would ask you to confirm that you have the audio right and start to make your post visible to all professionals.  Learn More

  • How Do I Send An Offer ?

    Once you post your job professionals start applying for the job as per your job description and tags like project type, language, genres, location, remuneration per finish hour,  fixed, or royalty share basis. You can compare prices and professionals that suit your project and accept one's proposal. You can also browse through the hundreds of professionals and their sample voices or works and send your offer directly. Learn More

  • How does AUDIONXT Get Quality Check Done?

    Once professionals finish their work our production team members will audit to see if all the quality parameters are met as per the industry standards. Learn More

  • How Do I Get Access to AUDIONXT Audiobook & Podcast Libraries ?

    AUDIONXT continually updates their ready-to-publish Audiobooks and Podcasts on the libraries page you can see the sample from there or contact us for more information. Learn More

  • What Do I Get In AUDIONXT Promotional Services?

    We help to get your Audiobooks and podcasts heard & grow your audience by working directly with independent professionals worldwide. Our approach is tailored to suit each business carefully planning each campaign to deliver success and maximize your results. Learn More