Lenin – Mudal Comrade


An audiobook in Tamil language.
Russia under the Czars saw totalitarianism at its worst. The Russian people had no rights. It was their duty to do or die, not to question why – until one day, Lenin changed all that.

Born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, Lenin led a revolution to top all revolutions: the Bolshevik revolution. It was unprecedented in its scale and sweep and has remained unequalled through history. No revolution before or after has united a whole population against hereditary misrule in quite the same measure as Lenin’s did.

Lenin and the revolution he led changed the course of history, not of Russia alone, but of the whole world. The world was turned upside down with the triumph of the proletariat over imperialistic forces. It forged the unity of the working classes as never before.

Lenin was no mere leader; he was a comrade as well. He became one of the people, not a distant hero. He was respected and loved by the people, not feared. He became the father of the Soviet socialist republic, the world’s first socialist nation, with his exemplary leadership.

Lenin’s life was full of struggles. Though it began as a rebellion against monarchic rule, it continued even after the birth of Communism. He had to win many an ideological battle in an action-packed life. Listen to this audiobook to learn all about the exciting, inspiring life of one of the world’s foremost leaders known for his courage and selflessness.

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