Idlyaga Irungal


An audiobook in Tamil language.
Emotional intelligence. A precious commodity that eludes many people. People who work hard but seem to get nowhere in life. In their jobs. In society. At home. Among friends.

Take you, for instance. Aren’t you talented, sincere, hard working? Is there anyone more experienced or capable in your office? Yet are you progressing in your career? Do your academic brilliance and high grades count for nothing in the real world? At the office, you are the best among your peers, and everyone knows that. You are the troubleshooter everyone seeks out. The management is fully aware of this. Yet, every year at promotion time, you get left behind. You try to be a responsible wage-earner, parent, husband. You never run away from your family responsibilities. Still, your interpersonal relationships in family circles are at a low ebb.

What is the reason for your failure and your mistakes? How do you explain all these negative occurrences?

You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you where you have gone wrong or how to remedy the situation. There’s a small matter you have overlooked. Pay attention to it and you can become an instant hero, the next superstar. What small matter would that be?

That of knowing how to handle your circumstances. The art of dealing appropriately with different situations. The moment you acquire emotional intelligence is the moment you begin to lay the foundation for success. The very moment you finish listening to this audiobook and take the first step in improving your “EQ”.

©2006 Soma. Valliappan (P)2007 New Horizon Media

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