Che Guevara


An audiobook in Tamil language.
He was a dreamer. Che dreamt big, he dreamt of the impossible, the incredible, as incredible as the chapters of his life.

This Argentinean rebel joined Cuba’s Fidel Castro as a soldier and rose to be his general. Castro and Che fought together to free the Cuban people from dictatorship and misrule in January 1959.

Once Castro assumed power in Cuba, he offered Che a position of high office in his administration, but the restless revolutionary was the last one to cool his heels in the aftermath of a hard fought victory. He continued to rebel and waged his next war of independence in the Bolivian jungles.

Why did Che, an Argentinean, take up arms to achieve freedom for Cuba and Bolivia? Who were his rivals? Why did the CIA target him? Who shot him dead? How strong was his friendship with Castro? Is the CIA charge true that Castro was responsible for Che’s death, after banishing him to Bolivia, resentful of his comrade’s increasing popularity?

Che life and death were a powerful indictment of imperialism in all forms. His unflinching courage and fierce commitment to freedom at all costs have been an inspiration to generations of young idealists.

Listen to this audiobook and draw inspiration from it to lead your own life of adventure.

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