Give Your Voice To Audiobooks & Podcasts

Give Your Voice To Audiobooks & Podcasts

Work with Industry Best Authors and publishers in bringing beautiful Audiobooks and Podcasts to life and Get Paid

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    Globally, the audiobook market is estimated at $ 4 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $ 20 billion by 2030.

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    Industry top Authors, Podcasters, and Online Publishers will send you their proposals to work for their Audiobook or Podcast projects.

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    We are networked global Authors, Online Publishers with more than 100 million subscribers and looking for celebrities to give their Voices.

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Here is how AUDIONXT works for Celebrity Narrator.

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Work With Industry Best Authors, Podcasters, and Online Publishers

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Do I Submit Audio Sample?

    Record a sample from any professional recording studio or on your own or contact us to get your samples done. Upload unlimited voices and genres tag based on accents, genre, and vocal style. The more audio samples you include, the easier it is for authors to find you.  Learn More

  • How Do I Send Offer To Author?

    First of all update your remuneration per-finished hour,  fixed or both. Browse through the hundreds of jobs posted on AUDIONXT based on genres, vocal style, location, etc, and click on apply. Send your proposal that matches your voice and job posters budget. Learn More

  • How does AUDIONXT Get Quality Check Done?

    Once you finish recording our production team member will audit the recording to see if all the quality parameters are met as per the industry standards. If you are an AUDIONXT verified Narrator and your recording is done at AUDIONXT verified studios and by AUDIONXT verified professionals it takes less time to get approvals. Learn More

  • How Much Do I Earn ?

    You are paid as per the deal you agreed upon before accepting the offer. Generally, it will be based on a per- finished-hour, fixed payment, or on a royalty sharing basis. Learn More