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AUDIONXT is a complete marketplace and services provider for Authors, Podcasters, and Print Publishers to produce, publish and promote their Audiobooks and Podcasts.

Production - Explore and hire the best Narrators, Translators, Literary Experts,  Engineers, Graphic Designers, Recording Studios, etc. Learn More

Publishing -  AUDIONXT helps to publish your Audiobooks and Podcasts on major online publishing platforms like Storytel, Audible, Audiobooks, etc. Learn More

Promotions -  AUDIONXT is networked with top influencers and digital and affiliate marketers for your earnings to add up. Learn More


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Benefits To Authors, Podcasters, and Print Publishers

Start Today Earn from Audiobooks and Podcasts

We Have a proven process to source, record, produce, and distribute your Audiobooks and Podcasts on all major and popular platforms. Our promotional services can help to add up to your earnings.

  • A great marketplace to produce, publish, promote and beyond

    Connect with the people who can get your Audiobooks or Podcasts made, Publish them on major online platforms with a single agreement with AUDIONXT.  Learn More

  • The controls are in your hands

    You can choose how you produce your audiobook or podcast—whether on your own,  by assembling a team on AUDIONXT or we help you find —and also you choose among royalty models. Learn More

  • Earn Money With Audiobooks or Podcasts.

    Once your Audiobook or Podcast is made, we provide distribution services and we are partnered with major online leaders like Storytel, Audible, audiobooks, etc. We also provide promotional services for publicity,  reach more audiences, and thereby earn more royalties. Learn More


Benefits To Professional

Work with the industry’s top Authors and Online Publishers

Narrators, Translators, Literary Expert, Studio Professionals, Recording Studios. Graphic Designers etc. everyone is benefited and rewarded.

  • Make your talent visible to the world and get empowered.

    AUDIONXT allows you to create a detailed profile and upload projects crafted by you and helps your profile reach industry Authors, Podcasters, and Online Publishers. Learn More

  • Work with Industry top Authors, Publishers, and other Professionals.

    Apply to jobs posted by industry top Authors and Online Publishers by sending your proposal along with your sample work and get hired to add up to your earnings. Learn More

  • Get paid for your work.

    Earn as per your rates per-finished-hour, paid upon successful completion and approval of the Audiobook or Podcast or you can also choose to share from sales in royalties instead of one-time payment with the Authors, Podcasters, and  Online Publishers. Learn More


Benefits to Businesses and OTTs

Everything you need in one place for Audiobooks and Podcasts

Get the best Authors, Podcasters, Producers, Ready Libraries, and Promotions here at AUDIONXT. We ensure you find better results at every stage of your journey.

  • A great marketplace and beyond that work.

    Our service includes everything you need to either find a professional narrator from our network on your own or arrange one to work for you to record and produce Audiobooks and Podcasts. Learn More

  • Ready Audiobooks and Podcasts Libraries.

    We are networked with thousands of Authors, podcasters, and Print Publishers. We continuously produce the best quality Audiobooks and Podcasts ready for distribution. Learn More

  • Promotions and online marketing? We got you back.

    We help to get your Audiobooks and podcasts heard & grow your audience by working directly with independent professionals worldwide. Our approach is tailored to suit each business carefully planning each campaign to deliver success and maximize your results. You can leverage our powerful network of influencers, and digital & affiliate marketers built over the years. We promise to deliver tangible and real results using industry and innovative marketing techniques. Learn More